Monday, May 18, 2020

The Story of Yusuf AS and Musa AS

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Yusuf AS is a story about a dad who lost his son. Musa AS is a story about a mom who lost her son. When you read Yusuf’s story, you are like, where is the mom? And when you read Musa’s story, you are like, where’s the dad? And it is like Allah says, hold on, I got your dad’s story over here and I got your mom’s story over here. Who’s the dad’s story? Yusuf. Who’s the mom’s story? Musa. They both lost their children, yes or no? One of them comes back after a few hours, Musa. One of them comes back after many years, which one? Yusuf.

One of them had a sister, the other one had brothers. The sister was the reason he was reunited with his mom. The brothers were the reason he was separated.

The one (Musa) was thrown in the water, for good intention. That one (Yusuf) was thrown in the water for bad intention.

This one (Musa) ends up in a palace of Egypt with the queen, a lady. That one (Yusuf) ends up in a market and in a palace in Egypt with the king, a man.

Baby Musa, the wife brought him to the pharaoh. The good wife brought him to the bad husband. Now Yusuf’s story: the good husband brought him to the bad wife.

And then Musa, the queen said, maybe he could serve us, or we could adopt him, remember? EXACT SAME WORDS IN YUSUF’S STORY! The husband came to the wife and said maybe he could serve us, or we could adopt him, word for word (Quran 28:9 and 12:21). Centuries apart, word for word. And one of them became a prince, they took the adoption option. The other one became servant, they took the servant option.

And then Allah says, about Yusuf, listen to this, “When he became a teenager, He gave him wisdom and knowledge’. Sound familiar? What did Allah say about Musa? When he became a teenager, Allah gave him wisdom and knowledge. The only difference is Yusuf had really good looks, Musa had really good strength. That’s the difference, looks and strength.

Ok, the moment he mentioned that, Yusuf finds himself in trouble. In the very next ayah in this story, did Musa find himself in trouble?

Ok, Yusuf found himself in trouble indoors. Musa found himself in trouble outdoors.
Yusuf, the trouble with him is temptation, zina. Musa, the trouble with him in what? Killing. In the Quran, there are two major sins, zina and killing. One’s a story about zina, the other’s a story about killing.

OK, in Yusuf’s story, the lady is a villain. In Musa’s story, a guy is the villain. And in both of their stories, a crime is committed.

Ok, when a crime is committed, in Musa’s story, he’s actually committed the crime. In Yusuf’s story, he’s actually innocent. So which one is guilty and which one is innocent? Musa is guilty, Yusuf is innocent. The one who is guilty go away, and the one who’s innocent went to jail.

Ok. Now Yusuf’s in jail and Musa got away. Yusuf’s in jail, he meets two what? Two men, and he helps them. Musa goes to the waters of Madyan, and he meets two women, and he helps them.
Yusuf’s AS story tells you how a man and a woman should not come together. Musa’s AS story tells you how a man and a woman should come together.

Yusuf AS was sent to save the kingdom of Egypt. Musa AS was sent to destroy the kingdom of Egypt.

In Yusuf’s story, the king saw a dream and Yusuf fulfilled that dream. In Musa’s story, the pharaoh saw a dream and Musa fulfilled that dream.

Egypt was saved because of water. Egypt was destroyed because of water.
Yusuf AS is the reason why they moved in to Egypt. Musa is the reason they left Egypt.

Nouman Ali Khan collected 115 comparisons in total between these two stories. Allah says in Surah Yusuf, Ayah 3:
“We relate to you, [O Muhammad], the best stories in what We have revealed to you of this Qur’an although you were, before it, among the unaware”